Cini Boeri

Cini Boeri was born in Milan In 1924. After her studies she began a career lasting collaboration with Marco Zanuso, founder of Italian furniture firm Arflex. She set up her own architecture studio in 1963. But it was not untill 1967, when Arflex released her first mono-block seat in polyurethane foam the’Bobo Divino’, that Cini’s focus was turned to furniture design.
Bouri really put her stamp on the designworld in 1971, when she created the Strips sofa, a masterpiece, even Patricia Urquiola recently stated that her critically acclaimed B&B Italia ‘Tufty-Time’ sofa was her homage to Boeri’s sofa. In 1979 she won the prestegious Compasso d’Doro for this design.
Many of Boeri’s designs were produced by Italian company Gavina, and in 1968 Knoll began releasing Gavina designs in the USA.
In 1978, Knoll put Boeri’s Brigadier sofa into production. This sofa was quite different from her pliable designs for Arflex, having rigid side and back panels painted in colourful gloss polyester, but it retained her signature soft upholstery internally.

Boeri has experimented with the concept of pliability and expandability for most of her career, using materials such as polyurethane foam and bent glass to create items that push the boundaries of what an object is made of and how it can be used.The resulting shapes were revolutionary and remain so to this day.

“Designing is a joy, but also a commitment.”

-Cini Boeri-