Bernard Vuarnesson

Born in Paris in 1935, Bernard studied engineering at the Ecole Supérieure du Bois of Paris and the Royal Forestry School of Stockholm in Sweden. Later he studied art at the Louvre School in Paris Where he met his wife Ariane.

In 1973 Ariane founded ‘Sculptures-jeux’, a furniture factory who’s philosophy is based upon an eclectic mixture of tactile, visual and perceptive emotions in the revelation between daily dimension and sculpture.

Their creations are characterized first of all by the Made in Italy design, the result of their cooperation with Bragagnolo group. Untill this day Bernard is the head designer of this establishment.

From 1982, Bernard’s creations offer new functions and using combinations of systems enabling dimensions and aspect to be modulated at any time. The Hexa table is a schoolbook example of these modular experiments.