Antonio Lampecco

Antonio Lampecco was born in Tuscany, Italy in 1932. He moved to Belgium in 1948 where he inlists in the hard school of art. He obtained the certificate of master craftsman after 2 years of learning pottery in Rebaix. In 1953 , Father Ambrose Maredsous takes eight days to test young Antonio on his pottery skills. Half a century later, Antonio is still there and directs the ceramic studio at the Abbey of Maredsous.
The artist received distinctions and medals everywhere. But this shower of awards has never startled the simplicity of this man torn from his beloved Italy .


Personal research made ​​him garner a thousand secrets. Ceramics of Antonio Lampecco are planets, continents of infinite imagination, places of contemplation. How not to love these works which transfigure the building blocks of our world: air, fire, earth, water? Antonio Lampecco put the whole universe in a pot!

„If I stop today, I die tomorrow”

-Antonio Lampecco-

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