Ahrend De Cirkel

The company was founded by Jan Schröfer  who descended from a long line of furniture craftsmen. Influenced by Bauhaus, De Stijl and Woodbrookers he joined Ahrend in 1936 and starter NV De Cirkel. Driven by a strong, stubborn vision, it was only in 1940 the company started to make a profit. The idealist Jan and the Businessman Jacobus Ahrend produced industrial, office and hospital furniture.

During the second world war everything went downhill. The use of metal was forbidden. The Germans took all the furniture they needed, even the machinery was dismantled. In these dark times the personal dropped from 60 to 7 craftsman.

But after the liberation, American army orders helped the company to build a new solid base. It was at this point that De Cirkel made some iconic furniture that will always live in the Dutchmans collective memory.

“Not only the neighbour was interested in our business figures.”

-Jacobus Ahrend-